Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hello GOD...How are you? Can we do a voice chat?

Thanks to Yann Martel author of Life of Pi for rekindling my interest to write on GOD.

Does not mater if you are religious/spiritual, agnostic or an atheist. So, for all those who enjoy reasoning it to yourself...

My interactions with GOD is usually in my final questions of Why? and How?

What/Who/Where is GOD to my mind...???!!!

  • A Known, Unknown entity
  • A mind that is not conditioned to think beyond cause and effect.
  • In the faith and belief of the religions
  • Exists in our scientific pursuit as much as our religious beliefs.
  • Inability to understand the creation of universe.
  • My fear of unknown
  • In my quest for reasoning
  • In my inability to understand and explain the workings of nature
  • The infinite, electromagnetic force, or sub atomic particles.
  • When thoughts, words and deeds are in moral harmony
  • Ultimate will power and supreme confidence
  • The uncontrollable attributes of life and Universe.
  • Does not seem to exist for any other species other than humans.
  • Does not seem to exist for a mind that can think beyond right and wrong?
  • Is God only on earth?
  • As Einstein said "The sum total of all laws of physics"


stg said...

Change the theme here, very difficult to read.

Naren said...

reminds me of an intresting cannot prove the existence of God...because then it becomes a fact...while God is based on unconditional faith/belief.

Saravana Maruthavanan said...