Saturday, August 23, 2008

To(o) ponder:

For those of us, who need impetus to neurons and wanting to put our mental muscles to work?

  1. Speed of Light, Time, Thinking, Evolution
  2. Needs and Wants of people, Production, Consumption, Money (Inflation).
  3. Quality of life, Tangible & Intangible (Love, Affection, Relation), Economy.
  4. Nature, Universe, Consciousness, Illusion.
  5. Cause and Effect, Comprehension, Prediction.
  6. Nature, Contradiction, Logic, Humor
  7. Guilt& Fear, God, Creation, Survival, Destruction
  8. Free will, Society, Legal system
  9. Intentions, Words, Act.
  10. Senses, Emotions, Reasonings, Language
  11. Day to Day transactions and Civilization
  12. Incomprehensible, Hypothesis, Science
  13. Birth, Body, Mind, Ego, Life, Death.
  14. Absolute, “Survival of the fittest”
  15. Time, Space, Matter, Existence,
  16. Ignorance, Innocence, Education, Intelligence, Knowledge, Truth, Realization, Science, Discovery.
  17. Hunger, Humiliation, Religion, Ideology, Terrorism.

Can we use all these attributes to bring out some holistic multi variable equation to define everything…if not everything in universe atleast in life?

Can we evolve a systemic ThinKing based on these variables..?

What more is required (require all your contribution from all you great Thinkers to add to the above list of variables and categorizing it) to evaluate what has happened, to understand what is happening, and to get a feel of what could happen by assimilating and synthesizing these facts..?

How do we draw an ER diagram out of this?

Will these help us to answer most of our “Why? What? Who? When? How? “ questions that we encounter in its root level?

Can we bring in some sort of self awareness by reflecting on these?

Can we put all this in perspective for the good of the Humanity and Ecology?

I shall continue to work on this in OOPs approach…

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Belief in God

My belief in God looks to be more profound when I realize that there is more truth in the statement “Man created God” than “God created Man”