Monday, February 23, 2009

Kiru’s theory on Creation and Creator….

I have always been ambivalent about the “Natural selection of species” and the “intelligent design” philosophies.

Quote form TOI article (analogy to argue that “Natural selection of species cannot be true...)

An often used analogy borrowed from a remark by physicist Fred Hoyle is that of a hurricane sweeping through a junk yard and by random chance assembling a Boeing 747: it just can't happen. Therefore, there has to be a Boeing Engineer, a God working His intelligent design from behind the scenes.

So here’s my two cents that help us explore the relation between creator and creations. My own logical creativity…

Let’s shift our focus from how human species was created to what humans are creating today and what might be possible in future? Atleast in this context predicting the future looks easier than understanding the past…And that’s the reason for me to shift the focus into future to understand evolution…Trying to understand the past better by predicting the future…

We are at an important phase of the evolution wherein we tend to believe that we are not very far off from creating machines that are intelligent, self learning and possibly capable of emoting.

In future, we might develop human like robot with AI self learning algorithms. Assuming that I develop a self learning algorithm that could be downloaded onto a Robot, few questions that I would like to ask all you readers...

  1. Just because I created the self learning algorithm, does it mean that I can precisely predict every move or the behavior of the ROBOT?
  2. Is there a possibility for me to destroy the ROBOT completely (Say on press of the CTRL+ALT+DEL button) when I realize the fact that the ROBOT that I have created is a threat to my own existence?
  3. What are the chances that this reasoning ROBOT thinks that its behavior is been controlled by some other unknown entity?
  4. When the ROBOT is able to completely understand the algorithm with which it is made of, what is the difference between me and the ROBOT (or in other words the creator and the creation..)
  5. When the ROBOT has completely understood the algorithm with which it is made of what are the chances that it creates a new species from thereon?
  6. Is the ROBOTs self learning algorithm, just a transferred piece of my mind or is it something more than that?
  7. If I create a chess algorithm and play against the same does that mean that I will always win against the algorithm. Any logical guesses on the probability of who will win?

Exploration with deep introspection for all the above questions will help us realize the connection between the human species and nature, the reason for evolution of concepts such as FATE, ASTROLOGY, GOD etc., To some extent this also helps us explain the need for religion..

Post in your views to all these questions in the comments section and let us explore this further in the next post….